Bangladesh Project Has New Project on the Way!

Anonamas and Bangla were nice enough to honor us with a test interview. Being bi-coastal and not the most tech-savvy we’re testing out formats. Forgive the grainy footage. It was a joy to speak to the two and to listen in to the band rehearse. They are working on a mix-tape that pays homage to one of the best groups of all time – A Tribe Called Quest! We will get to hear Anonamas doing a little rhyming on this joint. I know Phife is one of her favorite emcees – so I can’t wait to hear her perform.

Hear about the project, their views on what’s going on currently in the world and the fight for justice, how their arts speaks to these issues, how they choose projects, and why they love Tribe.

The duo is also hosting a live music series called “In the Pocket”. The first show is tonight Sat. Oct. 15. Show starts 9 pm – 1 am at 1373 W. Hamburg St, Baltimore, MD. Check them out every third Saturday of the month.

Listen to the interview: GMGPSHOW: Bangladesh Project

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