Bangladesh Project Has New Project on the Way!

Anonamas and Bangla were nice enough to honor us with a test interview. Being bi-coastal and not the most tech-savvy we’re testing out formats. Forgive the grainy footage. It was a joy to speak to the two and to listen in to the band rehearse. They are working on a mix-tape that pays homage to one of the best groups of all time – A Tribe Called Quest! We will get to hear Anonamas doing a little rhyming on this joint. I know Phife is one of her favorite emcees – so I can’t wait to hear her perform.

Hear about the project, their views on what’s going on currently in the world and the fight for justice, how their arts speaks to these issues, how they choose projects, and why they love Tribe.

The duo is also hosting a live music series called “In the Pocket”. The first show is tonight Sat. Oct. 15. Show starts 9 pm – 1 am at 1373 W. Hamburg St, Baltimore, MD. Check them out every third Saturday of the month.

Listen to the interview: GMGPSHOW: Bangladesh Project

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A Time for Truth Telling

There’s something good in the air. Truth telling about our history and our nation is happening in a big way on tv, online, in office everywhere. It’s no longer relegated to just college campuses,  barbershops or in the confines of people’s homes. From Melissa Harris to Jessie Williams to Nina Turner to Colin Kapernick to DeRay Mckesson to Bryan Stevenson – it’s happening all around. I hope change is coming. Not new to truth telling in fact his whole music career is based on his truth telling, check out this Immortal Technique interview conducted by Saneter Studios. Salute to the brother who interviewed Immortal. Live on Brothers. Live on!

Saneter Studios Interview with Immortal Technique

Not Alone Pre- party

Last weekend, we had a great time dancing, playing games and meeting up at the Not Alone Pre-party. Thanks to everyone who came out. The pre-party was designed to be a safe place to de-stress and energize participants who were planning on attending and/or helping set up the quilt display that took over North and Charles Avenues.

The monument quilt is a crowd-sourced collection of the stories of survivors and supporters of those who have experienced sexual violence. It’s a public place of healing and a testament to the strength of survivors.

The work of the ladies of Force and Monument Quilt is so vital. We have to continue to create these public spaces and dialogue around supporting the survivors of sexual violence and intimate partner abuse. We have to change our societal and cultural attitudes around violence. If you have not, find out more about how you can be part of this work at

Special Thanks to the Big Bean Theory and Sharon Imatellmuva for providing the venue and great atmosphere for the party!