Here we go………. Femi the Drifish!!!

Finally, we are here- Interview #2 with Femi the Drifish.  Listen to the Nigerian half of 5thL as he discusses The Clown with No Circus, his solo debut.  From his career as a spoken-word artist to his evolution to a live performer, complete with band, the conversation gives more than a peek into Femi Lawal, and some of his influences.  We are sure that you will know him better, more intimately, after this listen…..

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FEMI FINAL by goodmusicgoodpeople

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Femi The Drifish

Have you got The Clown With No Circus? This album is ridiculously hot! It has everything. Sick humor. Wit. Sadness. Love. Sex. Rock. Hip Hop. Angst. Anger. Crazy funny skits. Doom would approve! Check it out! What are you waiting for? Go buy it today!

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