What’s Good Right Now

Everyone is talking about the Alabama Shakes performance on SNL and they’re right to do so. WOW! Check it out:

“Gimmie All Your Love”

“Don’t Wanna Fight No More”

Obsessed with Radio Citizen and Bajka right now. It’s old but I just discovered it and I love it. Found it on Valentine’s Day playing in the background. Listen:

El Cielo   

Summer Days

I’ve been listening to Mick Jenkins for a little while. I love his rhyme flow and that he wants to do more. I feel like sending him books. He’s someone that I think has a lot of potential and could make really great music for a long time.



The Roots

And Homeboy Sandman. There’s not much I need to say here. Perfect emcee.

America the Beautiful




“I am” by New Thought Jazz featuring Ama Chandra

“Safe” by Marcell Russell directed by Keston DeCoteatu. Nice song and I love the visuals. Keston is on the grind making compelling videos for a variety of musicians.

“Water Me” by FKA Twigs. Love the surreal sound and the image is interesting even though its just a close up. The changes in her face interesting.

“Check My Resume” by Substantial

“Kill Screen” by Jean Grae

“Howl At the Moon” by Jack Davey

“Let’s Go” by AbRock off of his new project Emotional Music Overload

“The Riots Gone” by Santigold

“Dope Boy” by OOH of BROWNFISH

“True Circles” by Boog Brown, Dynasty and DJ Creashun

“Life is Good” by Sean Toure

“Incredible Genius” by Wombatt55

“You May Not Know” by Vex DaVortex

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