Putting the Neighbor Back in the Hood: The Good and the Bad of a Changing Neighborhood

Usually in the United States, when an urban neighborhood experiences real business development and growth it usually means the displacement of the poorer families who lived in it before this investment or gentrification. These videos show different people’s views on what normally happens:

“Community is only relevant because of people” — Kai, There’s No Place Like Home

“Gentrification is not the same as Revitalization”–Stacey Sutton, “What What Don’t Understand about Gentrification” TEDX

Lord Jamar and Sadat X on Gentrification in NYC , “Where there is more money there is more care for the people.”

But is this what has to happen? The group Purpose Built Communities is trying a different approach using community health, mixed development and a holistic approach to education that focuses on pre-k to early college to revitalize whole communities.

We can do something like this in Baltimore. Watch: East Lake, Atlanta

Join us Saturday, February 21 at the Terra Café in a discussion about community development and putting the neighbor back in the hood.

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–Love Love

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