QueenEarth and Friends- a much delayed review

Sooooo…. in honor the The Art of Procrastination, I am releasing the album reviews that I promised and did not release during 2013 AND 2014. I will be releasing one a day for the 12 days of Christmas….

Which brings us to QueenEarth and Friends Live and Acoustic. You may think I am biased because she is a part of the Stinkiface family, but that is not the case. I am biased because Maurice Carroll of Stinkiface makes damn good music (see albums by Ama Chandra, Rebecca Dupas, Femi the Drifish and the Out of Water Experience for proof). The album, which was released in 2012, is NOT QueenEarth’s (one word) most recent project. But, it is the one I am writing about since I promised to do so a while back.

The album is easy to listen to and makes one think very hard about one’s songwriting capabilities. From What If… which I consider the title track, to Wallflower, it is easy to understand why Live and Acoustic could play on repeat while getting ready for life on a weekday morning. QueenEarth brings in a talented mixture of her friends to the project, from Ama Chandra to Janice B. to Chuck da Mad Ox. Many of the tracks were recorded at Acoustic Soul Thursdays, a famous weekly open mic at Peace and a Cup of Joe in Baltimore, hosted by Marc Evans. Her lyrics, and the intros/outros, tell the story of a woman who believes in teaching AND in being an artist (although the artist comes first). She ranges from asking questions that make us wonder what the world would be like without judgment to reminiscing about lessons learned from the folk we “delve into” to a simple request to dance.

QueenEarth is a musical poetic beatboxing guitar strumming gift. If you have not listened to any of her music…..if you haven’t seen her live…….. if you haven’t supported her, then you are not living all the way. You’re just not. She is blessing stages fromteh east to the west coast as well as on both sides of the Atlantic Pond, so you don’t have an excuse. Look her up, follow her, buy the albums. All of her information (at least what is okay to share, lol) can be found here. And to QueenEarth, this is my public “thank you” for being an artist. You are definitely a queen.

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