Ineffable Dream


I may be biased but Dream put it down tonight. The show was amazing and all that you expect from the Dream manifester herself. Ellen Gee and E Wonder hosted the event and even did the thing by creating the background vocals for Dream’s version of Power. Black Shesus made an appearance in all of her glory and helped to keep the masses cool with fans. This was very necessary as the event was hot in more ways than one. Ama Chandra blessed the crowd with her vocals that are always so DAYUUUUM awesome. And of course the producer with the most-est who is behind the production of Dream’s soon come album represented, MoReece of Stinkiface Music. Anyway pics and videos below. And as promised a Kanye and King Crimson mash-up I found on youtube. Dream’s version below. One last thing visit Go Fund Her to travel the world.




I’m out. (More pics tomorrow).

–One Love

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