10 Rules for Successful Living So Far

1) Always learn.

When you stop it’s all done. There is no further reason for living.

2) Work hard.

Don’t go soft. Don’t be average. Go all in. Be full force. Be all you can be.

3) Embrace mistakes.

You’re going to mess up. It’s in the messing up that you can follow rule number 1.

4) Take up space.

Don’t shrink yourself for other people. Be fully present. Be there for real. Make your presence known and felt. It’s why YOU are here.

5) Do all you can.

Excuses are ridiculous. Knock down the door. Find the alternate path. Climb the mountain. Figure it out. See rules 1 and 2.

6) Take care of yourself.

Flight attendants are right. Put the oxygen on yourself first. Then help others. You can not follow any of the other rules if you don’t do this.

7) Have fun.

This is the only shot you have at this story. Make the most of it.

8) Love deeply.

It’s the reason for it all.

9) Think deeply.

It’s how you make sense of it all.

10) Care deeply.

It’s how you connect with all.


–Love LOVE

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