Hood Metal, Comedy and that GOOD GOOD Music

This Saturday we plan to laugh our assess off, bang our heads, and stomp our feet. You may have seen him on BET’s Hip Hop Awards in 2009,  or on BET’s Comic View. He’s been in commercials for addidas and popeye’s chicken; maybe you even heard him on the Live Wire Show or on the Big Phat Morning Show as Gerard. If you haven’t trust us you don’t want to be absent when Larry Lancaster makes his appearance. Prepare to laugh until it’s too hard to breathe.

Also, we plan to have one of the originators of Hood Metal. If you have no idea what that is, think Jimmy Hendrix meets Public Enemy meets Fish Bone and you get close to the idea. Natru lead emcee of Band 209 will be in the lab.

And of course we’ll have more of that GOOD GOOD music. Stay tuned into that GOOD GOOD show this Sat. August 18th @11AM EST as we have an out of body experience from laughing and banging our heads against the table with comedian Larry Lancaster and @Natru of Band 209.

Check out Band 209 performing “Slum Lord” at Judah’s Juke Joint:

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