From the Vault! If you missed the any of our live interviews which air every Saturday @ 11 a.m. EST on listenvision.com, check here to catch up! More great interviews to come. Stay tuned for that GOOD GOOD Music.

Of course on the morning of the release of The One, The Boy Blesst graced us with his presence. We previewed The One, his newest album project released on Reign Music.  We talked about his music, his videos including Nothin to Sumthin, had phone line antics, discussed musical inspirations and the fact that Blesst is Built to Be a Legend.  We challenged him about his relationship with this woman named Hip Hop, as described in Ryda Daddy, his ode to the art form.

When talking about hip hip, the love, and the his commitment to the art and business,  Blesst said, “This has to be my career, so anything outside has to be null and void…”  We also talked about whether or not he gives the crowds/fans what they want versus what they need.   Ever gracious,  of course he Blesst us with a freestyle!  Shout Outs to The Boy Blesst!

Listen to the full interview at:
Find more information on Blesst here! http://www.theboyblesst.com

Follow him on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/theboyblesst

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