Without Further Ado…………. AbRock!!!

The time has come for a new kind of interview experience… The Good Music Good People Show is here. We are here!

Get to know AbRock…What does it mean to be F.L.Y? What is a Mid-Mid Life crisis? Is music your therapy? It is ours…much cheaper than a doctor. What does it mean to be a Superstar?

Get to know us…We are Shameeka Dream and One Love. We bring you good music. Really good music. None of that normal radio bullshit. We bring good people. Saying what they want to say uncensored. Telling you about who they are and their life’s work

The Good Music Good People Show…

Get Ready…Get Started. Play it. Play it, we said! Love it. We love you! Like us. Love us. Listen to us. Find us on Twitter, on Facebook…Follow us. Follow us into the recesses of the creative mind. Don’t be scuuuured.

Play it! You know you want too! Play it! YEAH!

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