Greenspan Should Be On Your Playlist!

Greenspan has taken over my car. From the moment OOH of Brown F.I.S.H. told me “Yo! You GOTTA check out my man Greenspan. Go down to Sound Garden and get his cd, I promise you, you’ll love it.” I was hooked. So began the adventure that led to the takeover. There I was that Sunday, walking down to Fells Point, stopping in stores, reminding myself not to forget my mission. Then, I get down there, and the young lady tells me there is only one copy left in the store and she can’t find it. Now, can’t is not in my vocabulary, except when I am saying that I can’t use the word can’t. But, I digress. There I was, instagramming about how I wanted my cd, when BAM! She found it. So, I literally skip to my car, which was a mile away by the way, and slow down, like real slow, when I realize that I am listening to music. Like, good music. Real. Good. Music. #StairwaytoHeaven is a must listen. Greenspan takes you on a listen that will make your head bopping from side to side for *almost* every track.

This is one of my favorite videos by Greenspan. Make sure you do what you know how to do: Be Good to Good People. Support Greenspan. You are being good to yourself in the process.

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